AI Inbox that automatically anwers questions, on premise

Custom e-mail inbox, within your organization, with the super powers of large language models.

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How it works

Now you don’t need to download PDFs to extract data. Simply forward any email with an attachment to your personal Ginzi inbox, ask any type of question, and let the AI magic happen.

Define Structure

Define questions and validation rules. Each email will undergo the same process.


Forward (or set up an automatic forwarder) from your inbox to your personal Ginzi-Mail inbox.

Get the Data

Download a spreadsheet with your predefined structure, one row per email, one column per question.


An easy, safe and free solution for a variety of documents.

You can ask your PDF any question, here are some examples

  • Invoices extract amount, type and vendor.
  • Insurace claims, ask about coverage and sums.
  • Legal documents summarize automatically.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions by humans

Do I need to hire someone to integrate?

No interation needed, a simple email forwarder will do.

Will my emails be private

Each user has its own private email box. Other users cannot read your emails.

What emails are supported

Our free tier supports only Google hosted emails, GMail or corporate emails.

Can I run Ginzi-mail on our servers

We support an on-permise installation of Ginzi-Mail, please contact us for more details.